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Youtube Dragged Into Bitconnect Class Action Lawsuit

Youtube has been dragged into a class action lawsuit against Bitconnect for failure to protect its users from being exposed to the scam’s videos. This case might be used by Google and others to justify their bans on crypto ads, arguing that their algorithms can not distinguish between legitimate projects and frauds.  

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Youtube has been added as a defendant in a class action lawsuit against Bitconnect recently, evident by publicly available documents filed with the Southern District Court of Florida. According to the lawsuit, the Google-owned video platform failed to protect or warn its users from Bitconnect affiliates’ promotional material, which reached over 70,000 hours and 58 million views on Youtube.

A number of prominent people on the platform have called out Youtubers for promoting Bitconnect, including Pewdiepie. Now the accusations go deeper than that, blaming the platform itself, which might have chilling consequences for sharing crypto content on social networks if accepted by the court. Maybe this could help companies ban crypt info, but I doubt that will stop it’s growth at all. Well, YouTube technically they do engage in content filtering. So they can’t really claim to be neutral common carriers??? 

I think nothing to do with either BitCoin or CryptoCoin. There were loud warnings about BItconnect as well, for that matter. People were just greedy and chose not to listen.

*Should media platforms like Youtube be blamed for the content scammers upload? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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